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Inspection and Documentation Records, QCP

All raw material are purchased initially from reputed vendor with correlated test certificates. After arriving the material at our shop they are cross check with the TC given by the vendor and sample from above lot is sent for check testing at reputed Lab. Heat No. are punched on confirmation of Lab. Report. Prior to manufacturing each item is stamped with the related Heat No. and the amt. of pipes or raw materials debited from the stock book. Dies are checked from time to time if the dies are oversized rectification is arrived prior to Mfg. All internal inspection stage wise book is maintained. Where in day-to-day progress of manufacturing dimensions are noted and seen that they are within permissible limits. During the mfg. inspection is carried out to check if the cracks or deformities are present and if found then the material is rejected. After the product is manufactured, 100%-dimensional check is carried out. The samples of the batch are sent for testing for Micro and chemicals analysis and on receiving satisfaction report then only items are etched and stored in a proper location of finish goods.

For WPW or ERW Fittings

  • Welder is qualified by any reputed consultant OR Party 2 Years.
  • Welding is carried out by TIG using the correct filler wire of Advani Make.
  • Initial Vee preparation is carried out and the set up for root gap and Vee preparation is checked before released for welding.
  • After root run back chip DP test is carried out on satisfactory the job is released for welding.
  • The fitting is finally dress up and solution annealed after which the radiography of the joints are carried out with proper identification.

Quality has always been in the centre of Omaa Metal Sources attention as it is the straight way to customers’ satisfaction. We approach quality assurance at various levels of operations, guaranteeing highest level of quality in processes and products.

The quality Assurance department is manned by experienced personnel vested with adequate authority for effective functioning. The department is equipped with:

  • • Digital Hardness Testing Instrument
  • • Universal Tensile Testing Instrument
  • • PMI Instrument
  • • Ultrasonic Testing Instrument
  • • X-ray Instrument
  • • Gamma Source
  • • Helium Leak Test Machine.
  • • Electrometer
  • • Microscope for IGC Testing
Destructive Tests
  • • PMI/ Chemical composition
  • • Metallographic examination
  • • Intergranular corrosion test
  • • Mechanical property tests
  • • Tensile test
  • • Hardness test
  • • Grain size test
  • • Elongation test
  • • Flatten test
  • • Yield point test
  • • Flange test
  • • Other test which asked by customer
Non-Destructive Tests
  • • Eddy current test
  • • Ultrasonic test
  • • Radiographic examination
  • • Hydrostatic test
  • • Air pressure test
  • • PMI test
  • • Dimension examination
  • • Surface examination