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"Non Metallic Gaskets" or "Touchy Gaskets" can't really try not to be gaskets that are effectively compacted under a low shock stack. They are composite sheet materials that are reasonable for a wide variety of general furthermore harming substance applications. They are suitably open either in sheet design or as gaskets that are sliced most likely to any sensible shape and size. Non metallic gaskets are normally created utilizing materials like arimid fiber, glass fiber, elastomers, teflon (PTFE), stuffed asbestos fiber (CAF), adaptable graphite, and so on.

Non-asbestos Gaskets that we suggestion to our customers, are utilized for fixing, made by including astounding cements and a sprinkle of crushing into it, which is then rolled and sulfurated. These things are the best trade for asbestos gasket as non-asbestos gaskets and have better quality, adaptability and solid enemy of attack execution. It is known to give certain notwithstanding amidst over the top temperature and weight conditions.


- Oil and Gas

- Chemical Processing

- Petrochemical Industry

- Process Industry

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General Properties of Non-Asbestos Non-asbestos materials everything considered have astounding warmth safe properties. They are moreover immense for use in applications that place them into contact with water, oil, or flammable gas. In that limit, non-asbestos materials are utilized in air blowers, diesel motors, pipelines, and particular other general current and marine conditions. We stock Novus (Flexitallic) and Klinger and Garlock non-asbestos materials. On the off chance that you can't observe what you are searching for, or require a uniquely custom fitted material, wisely don't delay to interface with us. Is Non-Asbestos the Best Material for My Application? On the off chance that you are imperfect concerning which material is best for your application then you can put together our manual for gasket materials. Material particulars can be downloaded here. On the other hand, we are dependably vivacious to offer unequivocal help and appeal thusly assuming you truly need keep up with by, by then permissively don't flop to cooperate with us. Endorsement and Traceability: Both statement and perceptible approval can be given your material, would it be really smart for it be required by you or your client. Recognizable approval records the pack number and fix date/produce date of the material. You ought to interface with us to demand approval at the hour of arrangements. Recognizable approval can't be sublimely provided on orders that have really been satisfied.


 Supplier = RAM Gasket Solutions

 Condition = New

 Thicknesses Available = 0.4mm, 0.5mm, 0.8mm, 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 6.4mm

 Sheet Size Available = 1.5M x 2M sheets

 Product Technical Details


 Excellent Heat and Pressure

 Chemical Resistant

 Good for use with water

 Good for use with petrol

 Have good resistance to natural gases


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