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We are observable creator, supplier, stockist and exporter of PTFE Valves conveyed in consistence with public and overall quality necessities in Mumbai, India. Our high-grade PTFE Valves are made from regular substances of unparalleled quality. We agree that gives over magnificent and best material is used, so the valves last significantly longer. We moreover have an in-house gathering of draftsmen and specialists who guide us through astounding valve creating.

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PTFE Valves stay aware of high strength, robustness and self-oil at low temperatures down to −268 degrees C and high versatility at temperatures above −79 degrees C. PTFE Valves are similarly used as a gasket in adventures anticipating security from powerful fabricated materials, for instance, medications or substance dealing with considering their unmatched compound and warm properties. As a result of their consistent and extreme properties and moderateness, PTFE Valves are significantly adaptable and are used in a wide extent of endeavors. The resistance of ptfe valves to environment disintegration and general mileage makes it an exceptionally suffering material.

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For research focus equipment that ought to bear dangerous fabricated materials, Polytetrafluoroethylene Valves are incredibly utilization safe, making it an ideal material for covering machine parts that are introduced to hotness, wear, and crushing. There are various exceptional properties of PTFE that make it important in a wide extent of usages. It has an incredibly high relaxing point and is similarly consistent at especially low temperatures.

polytetrafluorethylene valves enjoy various benefits, such as astonishing manufactured versatility, a wide extent of organization temperatures, shocking disintegration affirmation, high warm security and fire flexibility, suffering resistance, congruity with sterilization standards, etc Polytetrafluoroethylene valves are used in different regions, for instance, avionics, gas heat exchangers for the cleaning of waste incinerators, plumbing applications, coal-ended power plants, cement and steel production lines, equipment for food taking care of, present day pipelines, explicitly for destructive, stomach settling agent or other compound applications, etc.

We are centered around offering customers the most imperative performing polytetrafluorethylene (PTFE) valve. To ensure that they are sensible for use by various ventures, we have been arranging and chipping away at the viability of our PTFE valves. We play out different personalities our valves to ensure buyer devotion and moreover to give untouchable assessments on our clients ' needs.


Size: 15mm to 25O mm

Lining Material :FEP/PFA

Body : S.G.lron, WCB, CF8(SS 304) or CF8M(SS 316) Lined With FEP/PFA

Lining Thickness : 3 to 5 mm THK.

Ball ASTM A 216, WCB, CF8(SS 304) or CF8M(SS 316) Lined With FEP/PFA

Design :Two Piece As per BS- 5351

F to F:As per Class 150

Temp. Resistant :FEP :-20 to I80° PFA :-20 to 230°

Flange Drilling:As per ANSI B 16.5

Testing :Hydro Test -11 kg/cm2 to Full Vacuum as per BS/API Pneumatic Test - 7 kg/cm2 Spark Test - 15 KVA DC

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